HENOMIXER - Mixer wagons

The mixer wagons HENOMIXER find their ideal position in the medium and large farms, granting a quick and perfect integration of the different products destined to the Unifeed preparation. Round bales of forage or silage are very easily chopped thanks to the chopping-mixing equipment, consisting of strong vertical augers, equipped with special blades in tungsten which assure an optimal chopping and a quick mixing of the products. The ration given to the cows is perfectly mixed, appetizing, and respects the organoleptic characteristics of the products. The distribution of the finished product is offered with different discharge solutions, in order to keep the volume of the machine as low as possible, a basic factor in maneuvering around the farm, in case of forced narrow passages or specific needs.

The HENOMIXER ST series go from 1.5 m³ to 8 m³ capacity, the HENOMIXER DELUX series go from 9 m³ to 13 m³ capacity (with one auger) and from 14 m³ to 20 m³ capacity (with 2 augers). The DX models are equipped with a double chassis, the ST models have 3-point hitch with special linkage. All models, except the mini-mixers (1.5 m³ and 3 m³), are provided with double lateral discharge opening.

Optional belt feeding conveyor.

Weighing system where you can add up to 99 recipes.

Auger for cutting with 8 tungsten blades of 7 mm.

Visual inspection device for rear unloading openings.

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