ENOSTORM 300 - Front Disc Mower

The compact design allows the mower to adapt to any types of grounds. Standard windrower discs.

Simple and practical spring compensation system
Two strong compensation springs guarantee a uniform pressure on the ground along the entire cutter bar. The optimum pressure on the ground can be quickly adjusted.

Excellent ground adaptation
The main feature for an excellent ground adaptation is the hitch. Its carefully designed shape brings the focal point, center of gravity as close as possible to the tractor in all working positions. The stabilizing springs of the hitch keep the mower is central position during transport.

Technical specifications


N° discs

Working width

N° knives

RPM HP Weight
ENOSTORM 300  7 300 cm. / 9.8 ft. 2 per disc  1000 rpm

90 HP

910 Kg. / 2006 Lbs.




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