ENODUO 780 - Double rotary rakes

Semi-mounted rotary rake designed for large productions. At the minimum working position (7 m.) the arms cross over moving all the forage in the centre. Oil bath gearboxes. Cardan shaft with slip clutch. Both opening and closing movements and working width are hydraulically controlled from tractor cab. 2 wheels 10.075-15.3 and 8 wheels 18.850-8 mounted on tandem axles. Light kit included. By removing only 3 of the tine holder arms for rotor, the transport height is less than 4 mt. and you can easily change plot of land very fast.

Central windrow and working with of 7.8m.

Complete cleaning of the ground thanks to the intersection of the arms.

2 tandem road transport trolleys 4 wheels.

Cardan shaft.

Semi-mounted pivoting hitch.

Full Intersection of arms.

Steering System allows great maneuverability.

Transport configuration.

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