ENODUO 610 / 650H - Double rotary rakes

Harvesting forage is a very delicate process, it must keep the quality of the product intact in order to ensure the high nutritional value. Thanks to this type of rotary rake, the product is moved only once, avoiding the loss of leaves and forage contamination.
All models can be adapted to small and medium tractors as they are 3 point hitch.
The compact design offers great maneuverability. Tyres 15X6,00.
This rake is provided with cardan shaft. The arms cross over moving all the forage in the center.

Main features

  • The rake facilitates harvesting forage well preserved, pure and free of debris, maintaining its energetic and nutritional status. Moreover, it shows great effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Each rotor has 4 wheels mounted on tandem axles for a full adaptation to the surface.
  • The safety locks open and close automatically during the folding or unfolding of the rake.
  • The mechanical anchoring system ensures stability in transport position.
  • The PTO with protection saves the arms in case they hit some tough areas or any obstacles..

Cardan shaft.

Pivoting 3 point hitch.

Automatic  mechanical lock.

Central windrow and working with of 6.1/6.6m.

Working configuration.

Transport configuration.

Technical specifications


Working Width

Transport Width

Transport Height

Transport Length N° of arms per rotor N° of tines HP Weight
ENODUO 610  610 cm.
240.1 in.
250 cm.
98.4 in.
360 cm.
141.7 in.
360 cm.
141.7 in.
9 54


1.100 Kg.
2.428 Lbs.
ENODUO 660 660 cm.
259.8 in.
250 cm.
98.4 in.
380 cm.
149.6 in.
370 cm.
145.6 in.
11 66


1.400 Kg.
3.090 Lbs.




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