DMC TREX - Side pull disc mower conditioner

A side drawbar is the main feature characterizing our pull-type Disc Mowers with Conditioner series DMC TREX. The drawbar can be hydraulically shift.ed and the block valve ensures a secure locking system. It is possible to choose between models without conditioner, FLAX models with blades conditioner and ROLL models with roller conditioner. A perfect cutting quality is assured by the Enocut cutting bar system. Standard tires 340/55-16 12PR and second wide ange cardan shaft transmission.

ROLL rubber roller conditioner.

Addictional wearproof skids (optional).

Blades roller conditioner made of steel FLAX.

High quality cutting bar ENOCUT.

Working position.

Remarkable lifting height of 50 cm., no problems to bypass windrows.

The hydraulic shifting with block valve integrated into the cylinder makes the passage from working to transport position easier, thus ensuring a secure locking system.

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