TREX CP - Pull type disc mower conditioner

The trailed disc mowers are extremely professional machines designed to ensure high productivity and long life. It is available the version with side drawbar TREX, and with central and pivoting drawbar TREX CP which allows to work both to the right and left of the tractor, without wasting time working the field heads. The “Pull back” safety system together with the ENOCUT cutting bar allow safe work, without interruptions, excellent ground adaptation and a precise and uniform cut. The “Pull back” system allows the overcoming of obstacles without violent shocks, safeguarding the cutting system.

ROLL rubber roller conditioner.

Addictional wearproof skids (optional).

Blades roller conditioner made of steel FLAX.

High quality cutting bar ENOCUT.

Working positions.

The “Pull back” system is activated, together with the lightening springs, whenever the cutting bar encounters obstacles, pushing it backwards and upwards by means of the parallelogram and then automatically returning to the working position. As a result, the work is safer and uninterrupted.

The trailed DM TREX CP mower with central and pivoting drawbar allows you to work both to the right and to the left side of the tractor without wasting time when working the headlands. Maneuvers are much more agile and faster than mowers with side drawbar.

Deflectors for windrow width Pull-type mowers have two rear deflectors that adjust the swath width from 1.10 meters minimum to 1.50 meters maximum.





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