BW100 - Bale wrappers

The BW100 is a new mounted satellite bale wrapper. Unique to this version is the self-loading device, making the wrapper able to pick-up, transport and wrap on the move. This make it possible to pick-up the bale in the wrap and transport it to the storage site while wrapping. Two guide rollers pick-up the bale for wrapping. Satellite pre-stretcher ensures fast and accurate wrapping of the bale. The BW100 is mounted very close to the tractor for good weight distribution and stability during work. BW100 is equipped with turn bale vertical system for fast collection of the bales from the field. On request with brake.




Machine Lenght

Machine width

Machine Height

Max Bale size

Max Bale weight

Film width Weight
BW 100 232 cm.
7.6 ft.
142 cm.
4.6 ft.
269 cm.
8.8 ft. 
120×150 cm.
3.93×4.92 ft.
1000 Kg.
2204 Lbs.
50/75 cm.
20/30 in.
705 Kg.
1554 Lbs.




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