AUTOBOT - Slurry Tanker

Slurry tankers AUTOBOT designed with tank mounted on a single-axle integral supporting chassis. Capacities from 2300 up to 7000 liters. Tank made of hot galvanized steel with reinforcing internal rings. Front-mounted portholes for level inspection. Standard BATTIONI E PAGANI compressor mounted on the drawbar, adjusting rear fan for spreader.


Pumping of liquid waste, manure, urban waste, ideal for transport and spreading on fields and pastures, irrigation and fertilization, fire protection in woods and fields, water transport for construction sites and roads. Upon request they can be equipped with rotating sprinkler with centrifugal pump.

Standard equipped with aspiration pipe, spreader disc, overflow galvanized tank, oil recovery compressor with silencer, pressure gauge, safety valve on the compressor, inspection rear door fully openable for easy cleaning and maintenance, rear gate with hydraulic opening.

Technical specifications



Overall dimensions
(length x width x height)
Compressor type Tires Weight
AUTOBOT 23 2300 lt 380x180x218 cm.
12.5X5.9X7.2 ft.

Jurop PN23M


860 Kg.
1900 Lbs.
AUTOBOT 30 3000 lt 410x188x227 cm.
13.5×6.2×7.45 ft.

Jurop PN45M


1.020 Kg.
2250 Lbs.
AUTOBOT 43 4300 lt 508x192x231 cm.
16.7×6.3×7.6 ft.

Jurop PN45M

500/50-17 1.250 Kg.
2760 Lbs.
 AUTOBOT 50  5000 lt  508x210x241 cm.
16.7×6.9×7.9 ft.

Jurop PN45M

500/50-17  1350 Kg.
2975 Lbs.
 AUTOBOT 60  6000 lt  605x231x251 cm.
19.9×7.6×8.3 ft.

Jurop PN45M

560/60-22,5 1.850 Kg.
4080 Lbs. 
 AUTOBOT 70  7000 lt  592x231x272 cm.
19.4×7.6×9 ft.

Jurop PN58M

 600/65-23  2.450 Kg.
5400 Lbs.




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