Healthy and clean forage
The basis for your success and for happy animals

With better forage, the animals stay healthy and produce more milk.
The quality of the forage is essential for animal health and for good farm profits.

Invest in better forage

Improving forage quality as much as possible, at all levels, is worth it!

Better forage = Greater milk production

This is a fundamental aspect in the husbandry of dairy cattle.

Healthier animals

Healthy cows produce more milk and reduce veterinary costs.

Optimized profits

A further incentive to carry out the forage harvest in a better way.

Cutting-edge processing is essential for a healthy and clean forage
Enorossi with its machines is ready to accompany you toward your goal.

Lavorazione Foraggio

Enorossi products guarantee cutting-edge technology in the fundamental stages of forage harvesting: mowing, tedding, raking, and harvesting.

Precise and responsible cutting thanks to the ‘ENOCUT’ cutting bar;
Cut with rubber roller conditioner or hardened boron blades roller conditioner;
Excellent adaptation to the terrain even in the mowing phase thanks to the ‘Pull Back’ safety system;
Gentle handling of the forage during tedding;
In the ENODUO rotary rakes, thanks to the overlapping of the arms, even the product in the centre is lifted from the ground, helping the drying;
Wide range of working width, cutting height, and forage collection;

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