“V” frame with central joint rake MAXIMUS


The MAXIMUS wheel rake is a professional machine ideal for medium extensions. The advantage of the front rake wheels compared to the frame make it suitable for work in heavy crop conditions. Hydraulic opening/closing system.
Enorossi has a wide range of wheel rakes, ideal for any farmer’s need.
The rake wheels, with different systems, adapt individually and perfectly to the ground, guaranteeing excellent work especially in difficult field conditions.
The versatility of the wheel rakes make them suitable for harvesting grass, straw, corn stalks, sorghum and sugar cane.
Basso Consumo
Low energy consumption
The wheel rake is the most efficient machine in uneven ground conditions, ensuring the cleanest product possible.
It works by towing, therefore not using the PTO power take-off, it significantly reduces costs for the farmer and the environmental impact.
This feature, together with the low maintenance cost, makes this type of rake, with the same working width, the most convenient solution for the farmer.
The frame
Frame inline
Telaio In Linea
“V” frame with central joint
Telaio V Centrale
“V” frame with rear joint
Telaio V Posteriore
Windrow width adjustment
Each model of wheel rake has the possibility to adjust the width of the windrow width: single system (formation of one windrow) or double passage in the field (formation of two windrows side by side) for models with in-line frame; hydraulic system in V-frame models with central joint; mechanical system in V-models with rear joint.

Maximum working width (A) till to 12,10 meters (models EASY RAKE SUPERSTAR 22 SN ST).

Regolazione Andana 1
Regolazione Andana 2
Rake wheels
Standard rake wheel
Standard rake wheel with 145 cm diameter and 6.9 mm diameter teeth for the models RP, RT, CADDY.
Standard rake wheel with 150 cm diameter and 7.5 mm diameter teeth for the models BATRAKE, MAXIMUS, EASY RAKE, EASY RAKE SUPERSTAR.
Stella Standard
Wind guard
The Wind guards facilitate the process of unloading the forage from the rake wheels, avoiding it sticking to them and also helps not to disperse the product in windy conditions.
Rubberflex rake wheel
The Rubberflex wheel has been designed for heavy products and has the particularity of having short teeth and a very robust structure. With Rubberflex wheels it is also possible to increase the working speed.
Disco Abs
Pressure regulation of the rake wheels on the ground
It is possible to adjust the ground pressure of the rake wheels according to the quantity of the product and the quality of the ground.
Ground adaptation of the rake wheels
The adaptation of the rake wheels to the ground is very important, especially in conditions of disconnected terrain, therefore each model of rake has its own adjustment system.
Hydraulic lifting of the rake wheels
This system allows to quickly switch from the work position to the transport position in a simple and fast way without getting off the tractor.
Sollevamento Idraulico
Rake wheel hub lubrication and tapered roller bearing
The hub of the rake wheels is grease lubricated, with tapered roller bearings, and sealed.
Working width adjustment Hydraulic
Windrow width adjustment Hydraulic
Rake wheels bearing: Tapered roller
Rake wheels lifting Hydraulic
Rake wheels ground adaptation: Independent arms
Rake wheels ground pressure: Double spring on each rake arm
Height of rake wheel frame from the ground: Rear frame
Single arm raking
Axles tandem
Spare wheel kit
Hitch Clevis hitch
Central rake wheels kit
Wind guard for rake wheels
Wind guards for central rake wheel
Street lights
Hub protection for rake wheel
Oscillating crossbar for lifter
Towing eye
Italian approval for road circulation
Spanish approval for road circulation
Front rake wheels
The rake wheels, in front of the frame, guarantee a greater collection resistance suitable for any product quality.
Maximus Stelle Frontali
Tandem axle and central rake wheel kit
The tandem wheels allow a perfect adaptation to the ground. The central rake wheels kit (optional), consisting of 3 rake wheels, guarantees perfect product turning over the entire windrow.
Assale Tandem
Double spring pressure adjustment and ground adaptation of the rake wheels.
A = Working width from 660 to 920 cm.
Posizione Lavoro
Transport position.
Oscillating crossbar for lifter (optional).
Hub protection for rake wheel (optional).
Protezione Mozzo
Street lights (optional).
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