Rotary Drum Mower – BT


Rear-mounted drum mower available in two working widths (1.65 mt. and 1.85 mt.). High-speed discs allow high quality cutting performances also in stony grounds. Mechanical or hydraulic lifting systems with cabin control, fast and efficient blades replacement device. Provided with cardan shaft, pulley with over running clutch, protection cover and safety release.
Enorossi drum mowers are excellent to work even in stony ground and ensure an excellent quality of cut. A safety device protects them from any obstacles or shocks, ensuring a long life of the mower even in difficult working conditions. They are supplied, as standard, with the mechanical lifting device, but it is possible, on demand, to mount the hydraulic lifting device.
As standard they are equipped with safety cover, cardan shaft and pulley with over running clutch
Heavy duty 3 point hitch
BT mowers can be easily attached to all tractors with CAT. I and II for BT 165 and CAT. II for BT 185.
Quick system for knives replacement
Using a suitable tool, you can press the knife disc down and change the knives easily. A quick and safe system.
Mechanical safety device
When it hits an obstacle, the mower rotates backward, absorbing the impact. When the tractor is reversed, the safety system is reactivated and the mower returns to its working position.
Lightening spring
The lightening springs allow the load to be transferred from the mower to the tractor, thus reducing the pressure on the ground as much as possible.
Belt tensioning spring.
Hydraulic lift (Optional).
Sollevamento Idraulico
Mechanical lifting.
Mechanical safety device.
Lightening spring.
Set of spare knives
Quick knife change
Hydraulic lift
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