Double rotary rakes ENODUO 780


The ENODUO 780 model double rotor rake forms a central swath. The attachment to the tractor is pivoting semi-trailed. Hydraulically variable working width. The rotors are oscillating for a better adaptation to the ground. Thanks to the overlapping of the raking arms, even the product in the center is raised from the ground, facilitating drying.
The ENOROSSI rotary rakes are professional machines that guarantee maximum productivity in any kind of ground. They are all fitted with oil bath rotors, guaranteeing reliability to the machine. Thanks to the perfect adaptation to the ground and the soft harvesting work, they preserve the quality of the product.
Additional support wheel. (optional).
Tandem double wheel.
Windrow delivery: Central
Rotor transmission: Oil bath
Working depth control Mechanical
Rotors Arms: Overlapping
Working width adjustment Hydraulic
Drawbar hitch 2 point hitch
Transmission with cardan shafts
Lights and road signaling kit
Wide angle cardan shaft for tractor
Hydraulic working width adjustment
Lifting of the product in the middle of the swath thanks to the overlapping of the raking arms
Enoduo 780 1
Raking Arms Overlapping
At the minimum working position, 7 meters, the raking arms overlap each other, lifting all the forage to the center of the swath facilitating drying.
Self-steering rear crossbar
Enoduo 780 2
Wide maneuverability thanks to the self-steering system.
Enoduo 780 3
Transport configuration.
Enoduo 780 06
Semi-trailed pivoting hitch.
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Giroandanatori ENG FRA 1
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