Disc mower – DM


Rear-mounted disc mower equipped with hydraulic lift, safety release to protect the bar from any obstacles, over running cardan shaft, protection cover and swath disc. High quality steel ENOCUT cutting bar, a system totally manufactured in-house by Enorossi.
The mounted disc mowers are professional machines, agile in use and made to ensure a high productivity and long life. They are all equipped with the ENOCUT cutting bar which allows a quick and clean cut. The DM series, with lateral oscillating cutting bars, ensures a uniform cut on all types of terrain.
Cutting bar ENOCUT
High quality cutting bar ENOCUT.
The ENOCUT cutting bar is a special system specially designed for all cutting bars in our range of mowers. It allows a quick and clean cut.
Lightening spring
In all mounted mowers there are lightening springs that allow the load to be transferred from the mower to the tractor, so as to reduce the pressure on the ground as much as possible.
Conveyor cone
Conveyor cone for narrow swath (standard).
Angle of inclination
On all models of mounted mowers, the bar adapts to the inclinations of the ground, allowing cutting operations to be carried out even in difficult ground conditions. We recommend using the machine tilted for a very short time.
Wear resistant pads (optional).
Quick knife change (optional)
Cambio Lama
Lights Kit only for models DM e DMC ROLL (optional).
Kit Luci
Rotation of discs In pairs combined
Safety release
Lightening Spring
Right swath disc
Protective skids
Quick knife change (not available for models DM4 3C, DM6 3C e DM8 3C)
Light kit
Adjustable double swath disc RH for models DM7, DM8 e DM8 3C
Adjustable double swath disc LH for models DM7, DM8 e DM8 3C
Double conveyor disc to split the swath for model DM8
Additional conveyor cone for narrow swath for models DM5 e DM7
Reduced overall dimensions
Thanks to the reduced size of the frame, it is possible to close the machine for transport without having to get off the tractor.
Safety release
When it hits an obstacle, the mower rotates backwards, absorbing the impact. When the tractor is reversed, the safety system is reactivated and the mower is returned to the working position.
Belt tensioner spring
Mechanical device for easy control and adjustment of the belt tension.
Molla Tendicinghia
Ring frame
Closed ring frame for maximum strength of the structure.
Swath disc
Standard swath disc for narrower swath.
Disco Andanatore
Double swath disc
Double adjustable swath disc for DM7 and DM8 (optional).
Doppio Disco
Additional conveyor cone
Additional conveyor cone for narrow swath for DM5 and DM7 (optional).
Cono Aggiuntivo
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