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The Enorossi backhoes are sturdy and with an ergonomic design that optimizes visibility for the operator during work phases.
The compact size helps road transport and simplifies maneuvering operations during work.
Made of high quality steel they can be used for both agricultural and construction works, guaranteeing years of excellent performance even in difficult and exhausting working conditions.

All the components, including the hydraulic ones, are produced in Italy and this ensures maximum reliability in terms of productivity and durability.

Enorossi offers two models of backhoes: the EBM series side shift, and the EBF series central pivoting.
Both models have an excellent adaptability to different operational needs.

Retro Vision
Enorossi machines are extremely reliable and resistant and they ensure maximum profitability to your farm, even in the most difficult and heavy working conditions.
It is thanks to the careful planning, a meticulous selection of the highest quality materials and the use of innovative production technologies that Enorossi meets the needs and trust of the most demanding customers from all over the world.
Your certainty is an Enorossi machine.
The EBM and EBF backhoes are all linked to the tractor’s 3-point hitch to guarantee extreme stability during work. The perforated fixing bar allows you to easily hook the Enorossi backhoes to all tractor models.
The hydraulic distributor has 4 control levers; two for moving the digging arm and 2 for moving from the transport position to the working position.
All our hydraulic distributors are fitted with pressure relief valves that control movements and protect from any overloads or wrong use by the operator during work, thereby safeguarding the machine frame. All EBM and EBF backhoes have a built-in oil tank so that they don’t use the tractor oil.
The EBF model is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders mounted on the main support to allow a fast 180 ° rotation.
The EBM side shift range gives the possibility to reach and change the digging area without moving the tractor making operations quick and easy.
The operator’s seat can be height adjusted and horizontal adjusted, making it practical and easily accessible.
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Each bucket has bolted teeth that are resistant to wear and to the strain of aggressive excavations.
Buckets available in different widths (from 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 cm), as well as for channel cleaning (from 600 to 1000mm) and trapezoidal buckets for ditches.
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