ENOAIR 170 - 225 / Tedder

This tedder is provided with a high-speed rotation shaft and a high working speed through 7 mm. springs helping the ventilation of the product in the field. Adjustable rear output of the product to control the windrow width.
ENOAIR tedder perfectly performs the silage preparation and it has the versatility to be also used in straw.
ENOAIR has a high efficiency with about 4-6 ha/hour depending on the amount of product. It is ideal to work when product needs to be ventilated, due to the high humidity conditions, both for grass and straw. This system greatly reduces nutrients losses and allows the production of high quality food for animals.
The rotor is driven by a chain, which eliminates the possibility of slipping. Height-adjustable and pivoting wheels.



Model Working width HP tractor R.P.M Weight
ENOAIR 170 170 cm. / 5,57 ft. 40 – 60


505 Kg. / 1133 Lbs.
ENOAIR 225 225 cm. / 7,38 ft. 60 – 80


580 Kg. / 1278 Lbs.



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