BW 200 - Bale wrappers

The BW 200 is a professional trailed machine with lateral side loading arm designed for farmers who are looking for a high performing bale wrapper. Provided with 4 steel rollers of the pre-stretcher. Possibility of using plastic film of 500 or 750 mm. width, time to wrap is 1.3/2 min. Standard vertical bale positioning kit when unloading.

All wrappers are standard provided with vertical bale positioning kit.

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Technical specifications


Machine Lenght

Machine width

Machine Height

Bale dimensions Film width Tyres Weight
BW 200 415 cm.
13.6 ft.
245 cm.
8 ft.
230/260 cm.
7.5/8.5 ft.
120×120 cm.
120×150 cm.
3.93×3.93 ft.
3.93×3.93 ft.
 50/75 cm.
20/30 in.

10.0/80-12 10 PR

950 Kg.
2095 Lbs.



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