Enorossi Company


Enorossi Company

Enorossi: worldwide Leader in Manufacturing Agricultural Machinery.
We have been successfully working for over 50 years, manufacturing our machines with passion to ensure the maximum profitability to farms in every corner of the world. A global vision allows us to meet the specific needs of customers.

Our history


Founded the company


Enorossi penetrates the U.S.A market

After long experience and haymaking machines development, we started the distribution of our machines through an OEM agreement with an International tractor manufacturer Group.


From the U.S.A. to Canada

Given the excellent results obtained in the U.S., in 1993 Enorossi signed a distribution agreement with a Canadian company, entering in this strategic market.


A worldwide reality

Thanks to the excellent results obtained with the haymaking machines in North America, Enorossi develops its worldwide sales network.


New branches worldwide

Considering it can be an important opportunity for its growth and for improving after-sales and spare parts services, Enorossi has created its own subsidiaries in United States, Morocco, China, Russia, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico.


Continuous Innovation and Industrial Development

Expanding the factory, made up of 21.000 m² area, which 10.200 m² are the indoor area, Enorossi mainly dedicates its resources in R&D for the development of new products, in order to complete the range and offer its customers a wide choice.


Customer service

Our team will help you choosing the product that best suits your needs, they will provide you all information for your purchase decision. Choosing Enorossi means choosing the best.


spare part

Our automatic spare parts department allows us to be fast in shipping parts, offering you a real support to the machines on the field.
A highly qualified team will prepare the parts with greatest care and quality control.



Enorossi means buying a high quality machine; our technical team is always working to satisfy your requests.




Sincert (today Accredia) – Italian Accreditation System.
Cermet – Management system for quality certified
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.



Unacoma – Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation. It is aimed at recognizing greater efficiency and autonomy to the single groups.



It connects manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of agricultural equipment. FEMA is the voice of a specialized industry that continues to bring choice, value and innovation to agriculture.


adelmo giovannini


He began working in the Company in the 1970’s, he was in charge of administration and logistic department, then towards the end of the 1990s he become a majority partner of the Company.
Building up valuable international experiences, he has developed strong cooperation agreements, the latter signed in the 2015 as a provider John Deere for the American Market for some models of machines.
Now he is President and CEO of the Enorossi Group and he is in the Board of Directors of Enorossi and M&B Company Srl.

Michele Giovannini


Branches Manager
After completing his studies at the Vancouver University, in 2005 he received the responsibility to coordinate and organize the distribution of North American dealers.
In 2014 he became Branches Manager and Key Account Manager of the Enorossi branches worldwide.
He is in the Board of Directors of M&B Company Srl.

Alessandro Carini


Group Sales Manager
At the end of his University careers (Faculty of Political Science), he has increased his international experience working with important Italian agricultural brands. He was engaged by the new company ownership to become Group Sales Manager and now he is in charge of the development of new business opportunities in the world.
He is in the Board of Directors of M&B Company Srl.

fabrizio santi


Domestic Sales Manager
After several years working in the Italian market with important national agricultural brands, in 2002 he was engaged by Enorossi to organize the domestic sales structure.
He’s now the director of an organization of 6 Area Sales Managers and he is responsible of the spare parts distribution in Italy.
He is in the Board of Directors of M&B Company Srl.